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New Pressure Sensitive Adhesive – Novamelt® PS 2030

imageThe labeling of food stuffs at refrigerated temperatures presents a challenge for any packager or label printer. Most often, the labeling occurs in the packaging line of cheeses and meats. The label is usually applied on various poly films at 0 to 5°C (32 – 40° F) in damp environments. The label is either rolled on or blown on with leading edge label blowing equipment.


A high initial tack from the adhesive is required that in effect “blankets” the label onto the poly substrate. Even when the substrate surface is uneven, the label must adhere to the package so that no edges of the label stick up.


Novamelt has successfully developed the new PS 2030 hot melt PSA adhesive, which improves upon the existing “semi-freezer” application adhesives, and has again proven its strong position in this segment. With this adhesive, fast and secure labeling with the newest technology blow labeling equipment is assured. In addition, the penetration of the new PS 2030 into paper face stocks is unusually low and so eliminates the need for primer, barrier coating or top coating. This provides a substantial cost savings for the end user.