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image Founded in Parma, Italy in 1983 by the Bollati Family, today, Davines is one of the most prestigious brands on the international cosmetics market. A company that, throughout its thirty years of business, has remained faithful to its origins as a family business, proving itself on an international level thanks to the highest quality products. A company that currently has five offices in Parma, New York, Paris, London and Mexico City, and hundreds of beauty salons and cosmetics shops in over 75 countries.

Specialising in high quality hair products, the Davines brand consists of hair colour products, shampoos, conditioners, treatments to care for the hair and scalp, styling and sun protection hair products, as well as skin products aimed at the top Spa resorts.

All Davines products are formulated following the highest sustainability criteria, within a company perspective whereby respect for the environment, health and well-being merge with the intuition to create unique and natural products to give beauty that extra special touch.

Total sustainability even in terms of the energy sources with which Davines supplies its production facilities (in fact, since 2006 it has been exclusively using renewable energy sources such as sun, wind, water and soil) as well as for its product packaging, for which it has developed a series of fundamental principles and guidelines to guarantee maximum sustainability in every single package: from using recycled materials to choosing business partners who use natural resources for their own manufacturing processes.

Since 2005, Packlab self-adhesive linear labelling machines (P.E. LABELLERS Group) have been responsible for labelling Davines products. Five labelling machines of different models have already been installed; Vela for cylindrical containers, Wing for applying labels to cases and Spinner with a bottle orientation system, making them capable of labelling almost every single one of their products. A sixth labelling machine is expected to be installed at the end of summer 2013. Source: