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RadTech Europe Announces Conference Programme

image RadTech Europe (RTE), the industry association supporting UV and EB curing technology, announces the conference programme of RadTech Europe 13, its 25th Jubilee Conference and Exhibition that will take place on 15 - 17h of October in Basel, Switzerland. The conference will highlight some of the innovations the UV/EB technology has delivered so far and look to the future for the innovations to come. The parallel exhibition during these days, is the leading business event for UB/EB curing in Europe. With attendees from around the world the RadTech Europe exhibition provides an excellent forum for delegates to meet and network with key players engaged in the radiation curing technology and coatings applications.

Growing through Innovation

According to Dawn Skinner, chairman of RadTech Europe's conference programme committee, "the growth of UV/EB curing over the years has clearly shown that as a technology, it delivers innovation to a wide range of industries and applications, from the automotive industry to printing and packaging, from coil coating to consumer electronics. Innovation with the UV/EB technology has not only enabled the creation of new markets, but has been delivering benefits of reduced energy consumption, faster processing and improved properties."



There has been innovation in raw materials with great focus on improved sustainability, in the skill of formulators to deliver inks, coatings and adhesives that meet challenging performance specifications, and in the creativity of the UB/EB equipment providers to deliver systems that meet ever greater demands in the manufacturing environment.

Fully packed conference programme

From the many papers received, RadTech Europe has selected 78 papers that will be presented by international experts, coming from Europe, and oversees including China, Japan, Korea and USA.

The presentations, which will be held in parallel sessions during this 3-day conference are grouped around mayor themes reflecting the latest industry trends in:

· Advances in photochemistry and polymerization,

· Adhesion and adhesive,

· Developments in metal, plastic and automotive,

· EB processing,

· Development in formulations and coatings,

· Innovations - new chemistries

· HSE (Health, safety and environment) and safe use of UV/EB technology,

· Developments in UV Curing Equipment and Process Control,

· New applications,

· Graphic Arts

Honouring Award Winners

Every two years, RadTech Europe nominates and celebrates the Paul Dufour and Innovation award winner at their conference. Papers presented at the RadTech Europe Conferences are always of high scientifc and/or technical standard. Chosen by the conference programme committee, the best paper of the RadTech Europe 2013 Conference is being honoured with the Paul Dufour Award. The award is named after Paul Dufour, the founding father of RadTech Europe.

The Innovation awards competition is the platform for honoring the innovation award winners of 2013, acknowledging the efforts and investments companies make in bringing the benefits of UV and EB curing on to an even broader raft of applications areas.

Closing date for entries is 15 September 2013. All details on the conference, exhibition and award submission can be found on or