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Royston Labels Adds New Adhesive Technology for Condensation-Coated Bottles self-adhesive label manufacturer Royston Labels has added a new adhesive to its range of labelling technologies. With it, Royston can deliver solutions which enable wine and champagne brands to avoid the inefficient and costly processes usually required to prevent condensation during labelling.

The innovative new adhesive was developed through close work with wine brand owners to understand bottling environments, and therefore presents an effective solution to the challenges they face.

Surface condensation forms when beverages are bottled at a low temperature, between 1 and 4 degrees centigrade, which leads to a weakened bond between label and bottle. This can cause labels to slip on the production line, as well as inconsistent label positioning. Both factors result in higher scrap rates.

The adhesive technology has been engineered to actively absorb surface water, and removes the need to bring bottles up to room temperature. It supports in-line processing (even the exit of the labelling tunnel) at up to 600 bottles per minute, with consistent label positioning.

Wine and champagne bottles are often kept in chillers, and over time in wet, cold conditions labels may fall off. For brands this can lead to negative perceptions and ultimately decreased sales. The new adhesive withstands humid conditions and varied temperatures, meaning that it maintains its integrity throughout the value chain.

Royston Labels can use the new adhesive in combination with a matt, gloss white or metallic material to deliver highly decorative label designs. This enables brands to achieve a premium end result to promote their brand identity.