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X-Rite launches i1Profiler v1.5 to save time and resources for print and photo applications

clip_image002X-Rite, Incorporated today introduced i1Profiler v1.5 for premedia, prepress, photo and print shop customers so they can improve workflow efficiency and operate equipment effectively through better management of legacy print work.


Early adopters give i1Profiler v1.5 high marks for quickly and easily retargeting color data values when a job is being printed using a variety of digital and offset equipment, saving time when printing from one type of device to another and maintaining color separations.


"The new i1Profiler creates very accurate and high quality device links," said Henry Anderson, Technology and Color Specialist at Medford, Ore.-based CDS, a part of Consolidated Graphics  (NYSE: CGX), one of the world’s largest commercial printing companies. The i1Profiler v1.5 software produces "smooth gradients, clean color and very accurate results to the target profile," Anderson said. "The UI is very intuitive and easy to use."


Available free of charge to current customers with i1Pro 2, Device Link Profiling provides highly accurate color mapping from one device to another, which greatly reduces or eliminates the unpredictable results in printing operations that can occur when the same job is run on different pieces of printing equipment with varying ink coverages. The feature has significant advantages when creating digital-to-digital and digital-to-offset links, increasing the efficiency of cross-media production of materials.


In addition to running equipment efficiently, customers using i1Profiler v1.5 should see benefits in the vibrancy and saturation of printed materials and efficient use of inks and toners, said Frank Maeder, X-Rite Product Manager of Imaging Solutions.

In addition to the new Device Link Profiling feature, the i1Profiler v1.5 update includes:

• M1 support for i1iO in spot mode

• Support for the Hutch Color (HCT) targets for scanner profiling

• Support for the Ugra/Fogra Media Wedge CMYK for large format printing

• Enhanced display and projector profiling


All current i1Profiler users can install the upgrade conveniently by using the auto update feature on the software or by accessing the download of the software available at the and websites. Users must have an i1Pro 2 instrument with an i1Profiler Publish license or a USB dongle with an i1Profiler Publish license to unlock Device Link.

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About X-Rite
X-Rite, Incorporated with its wholly owned subsidiary Pantone LLC is the global leader in color science and technology. The company develops, manufactures, markets and supports color solutions through measurement systems, software, color standards and services. With main headquarters in Grand Rapids, Mich. and regional headquarters in Regensdorf, Switzerland and Hong Kong, China, X-Rite helps customers with a full range of color management systems and solutions offered through dealers and more than 20 company-owned manufacturing facilities, sales and service offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia. X-Rite serves a range of industries, including printing, packaging, photography, graphic design, video, automotive, plastics, paint, textiles, dental and medical.