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Xeikon announced that CDigital Markets bought & installed 2 Xeikon 3030 digital label presses

Xeikon NV has announced today that CDigital Markets, LLC, has purchased and installed two Xeikon 3030 digital label presses to solidify its leadership role in providing full color digital heat transfers to the product decoration industry.

CDigital, based in a 35,000-square-foot facility in Baltimore, MD, has replaced earlier generation Xeikon machines with the two new Xeikon 3030s, which would offer upgraded capacity and higher productivity for full-color, short-run jobs.

“These new Xeikon 3030 presses are everything we expected them to be, and in some cases more,” said Paul Smith, CEO of CDigital. “We’re doing things faster, better and cheaper. Because of the speed of the presses, we’ve increased our run sizes, which has made us competitive in more markets.”

CDigital was founded in 2001 as the first U.S.-based company to use an all-digital system to decorate optical media – including CDs and DVDs. CDigital later launched a product decorating program, trademarked “Grafixx,” in which the company digitally prints the images on a polyester film and sells the imaged film to customers, who use their own equipment to transfer the images onto their products. Today, product decoration is the company’s principal business and Grafixx images can be found on many plastics, glass materials, ceramics, graphite as well as metal products.

Increasingly, product decorators are using clear/transparent pressure sensitive labels printed with a colored image to achieve a “no label look”. “Our full color transfers are the next logical step as only the artwork transfers to the product,” Smith said. “No label look works because there isn’t any label. Plus, Xeikon’s toners provide the opacity needed to make our transfers look great on any color product.”

“Producing heat transfer labels digitally with the Xeikon 3030 offers CDigital significant advantages compared to other technologies, including unparalleled image quality and fast turnarounds,” said Todd Blumsack, VP of Sales, Xeikon America, Inc. “We’re proud to partner with CDigital to help this innovative company take advantage of the huge business opportunity of heat transfer applications possible with digital printing.”