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ASHE to Launch NEW Turret Rewinder at Labelexpo 2013

Although machine sophistication has improved, the requirement for more skilled and computer literate operators has also increased, which relies on a higher level of skill to operate the new machines currently on the market.

Without losing the machine ability the machines intelligence is being increased to allow a ‘no settings required’ machine.  For instance, when the rewind core sizes are changed on automatic machines this will involve a long and skilled routine of changes and test runs to achieve the desired finished roll quality.

The ASHE philosophy is to do this with no changes other than entering the core size. The machine will automatically set itself to the required parameters and positions.

No machine demonstrates this better than the new Opal T³ automatic turret machine, designed for offline and inline use. The machine is so capable it can ( if required) run alternate core sizes on its 4 spindles, the patented glue less operation needs no operator adjustment significantly reducing changeover times and scrap winding to achieve the ‘ideal’ set up.  This unique approach is in line with the ‘no settings required’ philosophy that is simplifying the setup time and scope for error. The transfer of the slit webs onto the new cores is done at line speed giving non-stop continuous speed operation.

Inspection is often required for supply to the more lucrative Automotive and Pharmaceutical industries, with no less than 100% inspection often a pre-requisite. Machines are currently available to do this work, but the initial investment is high and a long term contract is often the only way to enter this market.

Realising there are Label producers with the right skills and quality of production wanting to enter this market, ASHE has produced a low cost 100% inspection machine that can operate as a standalone machine, inspecting the high value added 100% inspection materials, or operating as a normal rewinder.  This machine has all the high end facilities for inspection, is easy and intuitive to use, so small runs and job changes are a quick and easy operation.

Source: Ashe