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HERMA launches a new adhesive for particularly critical tyre labels

Print shops often had to make substantial compromises until now when producing labels for the tyre labels prescribed by the EU at the end of 2012: The very good adhesion properties required were frequently "offset" by the significant disadvantages in the adhesive's converting properties: HERMA is now putting an end to these compromises: the self-adhesive material specialist will present its innovative adhesive for tyre labelling 65TperfectCut (65Tpc) at LabelExpo (Hall 11, Stand R100). Developed on the basis of multi-layer technology, the plasticiser-free dispersion adhesive impresses equally with the best adhesion and converting properties.

Adhesive bleed significantly reduced

Virtually all tyres that are available must be labelled according to a standard system in accordance with EU regulation no.1222/2009. The tyre labels contain information on fuel efficiency, wet grip and external rolling noise. Only labels with extremely good adhesion can be considered due to the critical rubber surfaces. Rubber-based hot melt adhesives have been used for these applications up until now. However, the high adhesive application required presented label producers with major problems time and time again, such as frequent adhesive bleed, matrix breaks and die-cutting tools that quickly become dirty.


Problem solver for tyre labels. Label printers no longer need to make compromises with the new HERMA adhesive 65Tpc. It has equally good adhesion and converting properties.

In contrast, HERMA adhesive 65Tpc ensures that labels can be die-cut perfectly and production stoppages or disruptions can be reduced significantly. The high cohesion achieved by the multi-layer technology reduces adhesive bleed considerably. Adhesive-free zones and edges to prevent adhesive bleed are therefore no longer needed. However, the adhesive has excellent adhesion properties that can be used on both summer and winter tyres and therefore on different rubber compounds. No trace of adhesive residue remains on the tyre when the label is removed. The new HERMA tyre adhesive 65Tpc is available with paper and film label materials.