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image Eleven years after its founding in 1933, Barton Brands acquired the Tom Moore distillery to become a significant source of Whiskey. In 2009, it joined the Sazerac group of New Orleans.

Barton Brands establishments are located in Carson, California, "Barton Brands of MD" in Lansdowne, Kentucky and Bardstown where "Barton Brands of Kentucky" and "Barton 1972 Distillery" are located.

Among the best-known brands produced and marketed by them, there is the 1792 Ridgemont Reserve, Kentucky Tavern and Very Old Barton bourbons; Fleischmann's, Skol and Wave vodkas; there is also 99 Schnapps, Rhum Calypso and Barton, the Capitan El Toro tequilas and Montezuma tequilas and the Mr. Boston and Fleischmann's gins. The company also owns several other liquors brands that are placed at the lower end of the market.

In 1997, Barton Brands started a fruitful collaboration with P.E. USA, the U.S. subsidiary of P.E. LABELLERS, with the purchase of the first rotary cold glue high speed labelling machine.

In the following years, relations gradually became stronger and the installations became increasingly numerous and frequent. Today, Barton Brands facilities operate with eight high speed rotary labelling machines marked P.E. LABELLERS, the last two of which are self-adhesive labelling machines, purchased in 2012 for their plant in California.

Source: PE Labellers