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KODAK Certification Programme for KODAK FLEXCEL NX Plates Adopted by European Operations

imageThe many business-enhancing benefits of the KODAK FLEXCEL NX System are encouraging swathes of companies across Europe to shout about their production capabilities by achieving Kodak’s Certification for KODAK Flexcel NX Plates.


The quality standard is awarded to those operations that have proven that the Flexcel NX Plates they produce are consistently made to a global Kodak specification, representing a feature set that drives industry-leading efficiency, stability, and quality in print. The process relies on exhaustive data measurement and recommendations from satisfied customers.


Trailblazing companies that were the first four to join the programme include Reproservice Eurodigital, Germany, Flexograf, Italy, Magnegraf, Spain and the UK’s Reproflex 3.


Signaling success

Reproservice Eurodigital, a member of Matthews Brand Solutions, was one of the first European users of the KODAK FLEXCEL NX System to gain the certification. The Munich packaging repro and plate expert produces digital flexographic plates for printing on aluminum, plastic film, compound material, carton, and paper. Its clients include top-flight brand owners and packaging printers, and its flexo plates for higher-fidelity presswork are typically made with a screen ruling of 175 lpi.

“Our certification for KODAK Flexcel NX Plate lets us send out a signal to existing and potential customers that every Flexcel NX Plate we supply has been made to the same high quality," says Peter Hamm, Managing Director of Reproservice Eurodigital. The KODAK Flexcel NX System technology instantly convinced us, not only because of the imager's ultra-high resolution and the system’s high productivity.”


He continues, “The high-quality results that can be achieved with the Flexcel NX plates would have been unthinkable only five years ago. Today, many of our clients order Flexcel NX Plates virtually exclusively.”


Embracing new markets

Flexo pre-press firm Flexograf was the first Italian company to obtain Kodak’s certification for KODAK FLEXCEL NX Plates after its investment in the KODAK FLEXCEL NX System enabled it to enter the food and cosmetics markets as a result of improved predictability and repeatability on all types of media.


Alberto Bramanti, Flexograf’s Managing Director, explains: “The KODAK Certification Programme for FLEXCEL NX Plate is an additional guarantee for our customers in the packaging segment, as it allows them to be sure they have a reliable partner producing their plates on the basis of standards, and not approximate procedures - thus satisfying the most rigorous criteria in terms of standardisation, consistency, quality and capacity. In a time of crisis, we realised that offering the quality we obtain from a reliable technology has made us stand out in comparison with our competitors.”


Rewarding gamble

Spain’s first certification was awarded to Magnegraf. Juan Mesa, Head of Production at Magnegraf, explains, “The success of the KODAK FLEXCEL NX System is not based only on having a plate capable of maintaining small dots with well-defined, secure and stable flat tops and reproducing micro-textures at incredible resolutions, but conceptually in the way it is used as recommended by Kodak.”


Mesa continues: “The resulting improvements in ink transfer help boost print quality considerably through higher, more stable colour densities and lead to greater efficiency in production. This makes it easier to combine block print and half-tone areas on the same plate while saving ink. It also helps cut down on-press make-ready time with plates that take up colour faster. The flexo quality standard has changed and line counts are now higher which means that the result of this process is now comparable to offset and gravure, thus ensuring better reproduction of the product details. We are writing a new chapter in the flexo world because we can go further with the tools Kodak has given us. We can now do things that were not possible before.”


Benchmarking Excellence

UK packaging pre-media company Reproflex 3 was awarded Kodak’s partner certification as part of its commitment to supporting the packaging industry and providing a benchmark of quality and excellence.

“Achieving the certification for KODAK FLEXCEL NX Plate is an endorsement of what R3 is all about,” states Trevor Lowes, Partner and Joint Managing Director at R3. Our company mission is to supply the best quality plate and service to the packaging and label industry in Europe. The KODAK FLEXCEL NX Plate allows us to produce designs for flexible packaging not achievable on any standard plate. This plate enables photographic quality on multiple substrates. It gives our customers an edge in the market place.”


Tangible results

Meike De Vos, Category Manager, Kodak EAMER Flexographic Solutions & Proofing, comments, “The KODAK FLEXCEL NX System ensures customers achieve tangible and profit enhancing results, such as reduced press start-up time, waste and downtime; improved tonal range and colour stability of prints, and higher ink densities. The technology enables a greater range of colours that are brighter and more vivid, with less need for the use of special printing inks, and graphic reproduction that rivals offset and gravure quality standards. Our KODAK Certification Programme for Flexcel NX Plate is a benchmark for quality and efficiency which reflect the high standards of both our customer’s operations and the product being produced. By working with companies that have achieved this certification, all partners in the production chain can be assured that they are receiving a product that is manufactured to a global specification.”