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Leonhard Kurz at the K 2013 Plastics Trade Fair - A new dimension in plastics decoration

Leonhard Kurz Stiftung & Co. KG will present a new dimension in plastics decoration at K 2013. The specialist in decorative and functional coatings will be giving a live demonstration of a process for decorating 3D geometries under technically demanding conditions. A special highlight of the display will be the combined application of Inmold Decoration (IMD) and Inmold Labeling (IML) on the same injection molding machine. This machine will be used to produce a curved automotive center console panel, which will be both decorated and equipped with special functions during the injection molding process.



The patented 3DHS finishing process, which, in contrast to conventional hot stamping, is capable of decorating three-dimensional components, will also be demonstrated. Kurz developed the 3DHS process as a cost-effective decoration option for slight to moderate 3D geometries. Visitors to the trade fair booth will be able to see a vertical stamping machine developed by the Kurz subsidiary Baier GmbH & Co. KG being used to apply a true chrome finish to an automotive air vent cover.

Besides these live demonstrations, numerous new foil design ranges and trends for a variety of industries, such as consumer electronics, home appliances, automotive and cosmetics, will be presented. These include metallic and wood designs with tactile structures for automotive interiors, brushed designs with novel patterns for home appliance products, as well as stunning trendy colors with shimmering effects for mobile devices.

Source: K-2013