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Soft Touch Labelling Innovation at Royston Labels

An exciting new material at Royston Labels, a leading UK label manufacturer, enables printed labels to feel soft and silky to the touch. This fantastic development provides an opportunity for brands to make their products stand out by appealing to more of their customers’ senses.

The new soft-touch technology can be used to enhance any label design. Royston can combine it with clear or solid base materials, and an array of printing techniques. In addition, soft-touch can be applied with very minimal impact on the overall thickness of the label (something which wasn’t possible until now).

“Soft-touch labels are fabulous when used on glass bottles because of the contrasting textures.” explained Stephanie Rogers of Royston Labels. “The glass is cold and hard, while the label is warm and soft. This differentiator really helps engage customers.”

In their soft-touch range Royston also has a beautiful metallic variant, and a modern black.

“All three materials will deliver innovative and unusual packaging decoration, and are particularly suited to the personal care and drinks industries.” Stated Miss Rogers. “Designers can use the unique features of these materials to develop stimulating and memorable packaging.”

Royston Labels aims to offer a tailored labelling service, and to help brands to decorate their packaging in their own distinctive style. The friendly and knowledgeable team at Royston can advise on how to get the best performing labels.

Source: Royston Labels