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Afera promotes limitless range of self-adhesive tape applications in new website

afera logo Afera, the European Association for the Self-Adhesive Tape Industry, announced today the go-live of the first phase of its new website, Afera’s website is aimed at raising the profile of tape as a functional solution able to outperform many other fastening and assembly methods in the design and manufacture of appliances, automobiles, building supplies, electronics, medical supplies, industrial products, packaging, etc. Taking live marks the launch of Afera’s social media initiative to foster greater contact and awareness of the many forms, uses and benefits of self-adhesive tape among engineers and manufacturers in order to grow the market.

Afera’s target audience for its website is the end clients of its membership, which include companies and organisations along the entire self-adhesive tape value chain: tape manufacturers (including SMEs), OEMs, raw material suppliers, national tape organisations, research institutions and converters. The enhanced website features non-branded content explaining and illustrating the endless possibilities of tape in industrial engineering design and manufacturing, for example, to make products lighter, thinner, easier and less expensive to process, and more eco-friendly.

Features in the new website will include:

  • A semi-monthly blog on developments in the European and global tape industries
  • Success stories, white papers and other reports, studies, and manuals published by Afera
  • Interesting news and cutting-edge developments in the tape world, including environmental legislation and standardisation
  • Afera’s member directory (by company type and product type)
  • A tape fact file containing effective tape solutions per application and industry, along with extensive information on tape categories and terms
  • Afera and industry educational and networking events, committees, and working groups
  • Afera activities such as its sustainability and higher education institution initiatives.

With the launch of Afera’s new website, the tape industry bundles its efforts to share its extensive expertise, to show its readiness to develop new solutions in concert with end users, and, ultimately, to create successful new business alliances.

“Afera is aimed at generating and spreading knowledge about the boundless possibilities of tapes in designing and engineering involved in industrial processes – not just among our current active markets, but into the unknown, where the opportunities of using tape have not yet been explored,” said Afera President Peter Rambusch of Certoplast Vorwerk & Sohn GmbH (D).

“Currently we are seeing growth in our market come out of uniting parties online who have diverse needs, ideas and solutions to share with each other. Contact in itself can be inspiring in our business, and we look forward to staying at the forefront of employing the expanding media communications channels online to cultivate and maintain a better dialogue with a growing, increasingly diversified audience.”

The launch of Afera’s new website and social media initiative comes on the eve of its 56th Annual Conference to be held 1-4 October in Taormina, Sicily (Italy). Focussed on ‘moving toward growth in a post-crisis economy,’ the event brings together important tape market players and promises to be the industry high-point of the year.


Afera, the European Association for the Self-Adhesive Tape Industry, is comprised of 110 members from 16 European countries that represent the scope of expertise of the tape industry. Aiming to promote tape as a functional solution and the broad interests of the self-adhesive tape industry, Afera actively studies relevant market issues, provides platforms for discussion and interaction, and facilitates contact among its members and all other pertinent bodies at national and international levels. Founded in Paris in 1958, Afera has operated with its head office in The Hague, the Netherlands, since 1999 under the management of Lejeune Association Management.