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bsb-label successfully finalizes beta test for the Xeikon ICE toner

bsb-label GmbH has introduced the new Xeikon 3300 as an extension to its product range for digital webfed printing, and since January 2013 has been successfully conducting the beta test for the new Xeikon ICE toner for heat-sensitive materials such as PE and thermal labels.

Specialized in the production of self-adhesive roll labels, bsb-label is a fast-growing, independent arm of Bielefeld-based printers bsb-bentlage GmbH and Co KG. The international clientele of bsb-label is sourced from a range of diverse sectors, such as machine and vehicle construction, the bicycle industry, consumer goods and the food industry, renewable energy, sports equipment, electrical goods and tools.


Brigitte Alers, managing partner of bsb-label Brigitte Alers, managing partner of bsb-label


bsb-label worked with various digital printing processes before purchasing a Xeikon 3300 in August 2011. The decision to use this particular system was based on the following aspects: no click-charges, no pre-treatment of standard materials, genuine continuous printing by removing repeating pattern limits, fade resistance > 6 on the blue wool scale and a very opaque white with only one print run and the reliable service provided by Xeikon. Another significant reason for the purchase was the ISEGA certification of the QA toner, and thereby usability in direct contact with food in accordance with FDA regulations. This advantage extended the bsb-label product range considerably for the food industry.

In January 2013, the company began beta testing for Xeikon's new ICE toner, which, as with the tried and tested QA toner, can be used without first priming all the various types of labels and also for heat-sensitive materials such as PE and thermal labels. This process is enabled by reducing the fusing temperature from 10° C to 15° C.


image Matthias Rathsfeld, operator bsb-label

“The tests we perform in the lab have proven the outstanding print quality and fade resistance of the ICE toner as well as its opaque white result”, affirms Brigitte Alers, managing partner of bsb-label. “Since we are constantly developing individual customer solutions with the help of our development department and the laboratory, we welcome innovative developments by the system manufacturer. The demand for PE products from our customers is high, so we are pleased to have found a fitting solution with the ICE toner!” Brigitte Alers explains.

Filip Weymans, Director Segment Marketing Labels & Packaging at Xeikon, emphasizes: “Until now, no dry toners have been developed that were suitable for printing on heat-sensitive materials. This has all changed now with our new ICE toner. The toner is tailored to the demands of the label printer and provides a versatile and efficient service for digital webfed printing".

Xeikon will present its latest developments, including the ICE toner, at the Labelexpo in Brussels, from 24-27 September in Hall 9, Stand 45. To begin with, the company will provide all prospective customers with the opportunity to upload their own print data for PE labels on the web page These will be printed on various substrates, including PE materials, and will be ready to collect at the Labelexpo Xeikon stand. In addition, Xeikon launched a dedicated @XeikonLP - short for Xeikon Labels & Packaging - Twitter account to inform its customer base on the latest product and industry developments.

Source: Xeikon