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Domino launches N610i at Labelexpo 2013

Domino has expanded its successful N-Series range of advanced digital colour ink jet label presses with the worldwide launch of its next generation N610i, which includes the ability to print opaque white ink. Taking the productivity of flexo and precision engineering of digital to its most advanced levels, the N610i is packed with Domino i-Tech intelligent Technology. This optimises output of the UV curable label press to maximise production efficiencies and provide extended colour capabilities while delivering the highest quality print resolution.


domino N610i

Central to the appeal of the N610i is the new opaque digital white ink, specifically formulated by Domino to run with the press. The ink delivers a silkscreen-like finish, and provides high opacity white when printing at 50 metres (164ft) per minute. Operating at speeds of up to 75 metres (246ft) per minute with a 600dpi native resolution, the N610i offers double the print speed of most high resolution digital systems. This capability expands the range and viability of high volume production work that a digital solution can handle. 

The N610i incorporates a range of Domino’s i-Tech intelligent Technology productivity-enhancing smart features designed to optimise printer performance and maintain the highest levels of productivity. These include CleanCap, Domino’s automated print head cleaning and capping station that maintains high uptime operation and print quality. In addition, its ActiFlow ink circulation system ensures precise ink temperature control and degasses the ink, which maintains nozzle performance for improved print quality and reliability.

Precision alignment is optimised with the use of the Kyocera KJ4 jetting assemblies, which incorporate head stitching technology for seamless overlapping. And, it is further enhanced with the use of Domino’s StitchLink micro-motor controller technology, which maintains precise head alignment. This reduces set up time, eliminates stitch lines and delivers seamless images across the 333mm (13”) print width. The new N610i colour press comes in several variants to enable users to select between 4 to 7 colours and different print widths to define the most appropriate solution for their requirements.

All N610i models are driven by an Esko digital front end for seamless integration in to existing customer workflows, and are available in reel-to-reel as well as reel-to-finishing line configurations. In addition, they benefit from a servo-driven tension control system for maximum registration control.Comments Philip Easton, Director of Domino’s Digital Printing Business, “Label printers are looking for solutions that offer precision output at high production speeds, all at a viable cost. Having already successfully introduced our first full colour digital ink jet label press, we have taken our technology a stage further with the N610i. By using our latest generation N610i label press, customers can exploit new applications, improve profitability through sales growth while at the same time reduce their overall production costs.” 

Source: Domino Printing