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image This challenging topic is the subject of the keynote address at the first-ever conference of the European Co-Packers Association, ECPA, to be held in Brussels, 8-9 October 2013. It will be delivered by acknowledged industry expert and consultant Philippe Juhelle, formerly head of ‘third party management’ at Reckitt Benckiser, Numico, and, most recently DE Master Blenders 1753. He will share, in depth, his perspective of co-packing, co-making and co-manufacturing. What, he will ask, drives brand owners and manufacturers to outsource critical elements of their primary process? What are the partner selection criteria, and what are the do’s and don’ts? How can manufacturers protect their brands?, and how do they see the future for co-packing?

The formal programme

This valuable opportunity for co-packers and brand owners to focus on this increasingly-important area of product packaging, across Europe, precedes a full formal meeting agenda that drives down into the detail on key parts of the co-packaging business.

Moderated by Rodney Steel, Chief Executive of the British Contract Manufacturers and Packers Association, the wide-ranging programme features papers from companies such as Annalise Market Intelligence, Domino Printing Sciences, EMMS, Nulogy, and Smurfit Kappa – all of whom are active in the co-packing market. Parallel sessions – on quality assurance coding and printing, software’s role in contract packing, and retail- and shelf-ready packaging – are included to enable delegates to choose their most relevant pathways.

Networking opportunities and tabletop

Intended to provide players at management and technical levels of the co-packing industry with – for the first time – an opportunity to study their joint agenda in depth, the ECPA Conference takes place at the NH Hotel du Grand Sablon, Brussels, on 8-9 October. It is complemented by a tabletop exhibition and networking opportunities, including cocktails and informal dinner on the opening evening. Details of the full programme are available via the ECPA website,, where it is also possible to register online.

About ECPA
ECPA represents the professional co-packing industry in Europe. Co-packing involves several activities. Each co-packer has its own expertise, whether it is the packaging, the packaging materials, or the packaging techniques. Except for the packaging and repackaging of food and non-food products, a number of ECPA members also manufactures products itself on behalf of third parties (co-making). The joint expertise of the ECPA members is quality, flexibility and speed. Upon joining ECPA, members have signed the ECPA Code-of-Conduct. This ECPA code is an ethical code, which is a warrant to clients, that they will be offered a professional, safe and reliable working process. ECPA aims for a further growth of European co-packers.

Via: Ann Hirst Smith Associates