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First Xeikon 3050 with in-line laser finishing for C5 Design in Mexico

Xeikon announces that its customer C5 Design in Mexico installed and tested the first Xeikon 3050 digital press combined with a DCoat converting unit including a laser cutter. C5 Design is rapidly growing in both the high quality, short delivery time self-adhesive label and specialized label markets like heat transfer. Xeikon was the only supplier to provide the integral label production solution including finishing and financing.

Listen to customers and understand their needs

“Xeikon simply did a better job in understanding our needs and was the only digital supplier providing an integrated, productive solution!”, says Jorge Gonz├íles, owner of the Mexico-based digital label printer C5 Design. “We were very fond of their approach as a total solution provider, including the appropriate financing package. Xeikon perfectly reflects all of our core values depicted in our name where the 5 C’s in Spanish stand for creativity, knowledge, quality, commitment and determination.”



Xeikon 3050 with in-line laser finishing

Excellent flexibility in printing and converting

C5 Design – sister company of E4, a leading producer of hand soaps and antibacterial gels for both Mexico and abroad – was set up to handle all the company’s internal label requirements in the most economical and direct way. These requirements mainly involve just-in-time deliveries of both smaller and bigger label run lengths, but always in the highest possible quality. This clearly requires a production solution that is highly flexible in both printing and converting. The configuration of a wide Xeikon 3050 digital press hooked up to a Xeikon DCoat 500 converting unit including a laser cutter, proves to perfectly match and exceed these expectations. The Xeikon Vectorizor software, the missing link between digital printing and finishing, can directly control inline laser die-cutting devices.

Broadest application offer in the market for self-adhesive and heat transfer labels

Thanks to its 50cm output width and the use of standard substrates without specific pre-treatment, a broad range of applications becomes available with the Xeikon 3050. This range covers high quality digital self-adhesive labels but also the growing market of top notch heat transfer applications, and even posters and banners.

Apart from the unique substrate width, Xeikon presents high productivity by full rotary printing independent of either the number of colors or the repeat length of the job. And all of this in true 1200 x 3600 dpi print resolution, with a wide range of variable printing capabilities. On top of that, the Xeikon QA-I dry toner offers high lightfastness, one-pass opaque white, no VOC emission and compliance with FDA food safety regulations.