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Groundbreaking solution for reel-fed labelling by Brigl & Bergmeister

image The FMCG market is developing extremely rapidly in an environment undergoing great change. With the lowest CO2 emissions on the market and an outstanding “carbon footprint”, i.e. a perfect lifecycle assessment of the B&B products, Brigl & Bergmeister is now positioned as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of labels and flexible packaging papers.

To meet the huge challenges in the field of tomorrow’s paper labels and flexible packaging papers, B&B is progressively upgrading its efforts in the field of innovation. At “drinktec 2013” B&B is presenting the groundbreaking solution for reel-fed labelling that successfully meets the new customer and consumer expectations and is also environment-friendly.

Making it easy to switch from film labels to paper labels

The new NiklaPET WEB 55 grams is a master-stroke by the innovative label paper manufacturer Brigl & Bergmeister.

At just 55 grams, NiklaPET WEB 55 is the lightweight among label papers. Developed specially for reel-fed labelling, the new NiklaPET WEB 55 delivers a significant weight reduction without compromising on functionality.

Beside its inherent features of being rapidly biodegradable, recyclable and ecologically sustainable, the special benefit of NiklaPET Web 55 is its runnability on the same machinery as film labels.

Source: Brigl & Bergmeister