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Innovative ‘spoon-in-lid’ packaging with IML

Competition is so strong in the packaging market that if growth and success are to be ensured, companies must invest in innovation. Injection moulding companies are therefore increasingly looking for the winning combination of IML and innovative ideas. For instance, the Spanish injection moulding company ITC and Laboratorios Ordesa designed an impressive upgrade for the Blemil powdered milk packaging. The ITC design team redesigned the lid of the box: extra room was created so that the plastic spoon could be attached to the lid. The spoon had previously been inserted into the powder. This new designed increased the user-friendliness of the packaging. Furthermore, the new lid offers a better seal for the packaging, making the product more hygienic.


Blemil Lid by ITC

The “spoon-in-lid” is decorated with an IML label supplied by Verstraete and is printed with instructions for using the spoon. This innovation using IML is a success and one of the greatest advantages of the ITC product range.

Source: Verstraete Printing Company