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Kodak Adds Felix Schoeller Digital Media to Growing List of Manufacturers in Paper Rating Program for PROSPER Presses

Kodak continues to expand the range of papers that have been tested and rated within the Paper Rating Program for KODAK PROSPER Presses. Launched more than a year ago, the rigorous program is designed to help assure users that the media they select will perform as expected in production and will give the best results for their particular needs and applications.

Felix Schoeller JET-SPEED Paper, a premium coated inkjet paper for brochures, direct mail, and other full-color printing applications, received five diamonds in the program. Available in weights of 130 gsm, 200 gsm, and 250 gsm, the paper is part of a full line of printing media available from the global company.



image Don Burns, Kodak’s Business Development Director for Media, presents the Paper Rating Program certificate to Dr. Gerd Papier of Felix Schoeller Digital Media.


“With our long history and expertise in photo-imaging technologies, we are able to supply the growth segment of digital printing with high-end specialty papers,” explained Guido Hofmeyer, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Felix Schoeller Digital Media. “We are happy to have worked so closely with Kodak to certify our JET-SPEED Paper for the PROSPER Presses, and know that users will be very happy with the results. Bringing a little bit of certainty to one of many decisions that have to be made in the digital printing process is of great benefit to our customers. This new rating gives them one less thing to worry about.”

Through the collection and analysis of data to determine the performance characteristics of any substrate, the Paper Rating Program brings a quantifiable approach to assessing media performance on KODAK PROSPER Presses. Kodak measures the image quality using a wide variety of factors and then identifies that substrate using a rating system that ranges from one diamond to five diamonds. Printers and publishers rely on the rating to make more informed decisions about the right combination of quality and price when evaluating substrates for each of their print jobs.

“As the Paper Rating Program continues to grow, our customers find they have more and more flexibility in choosing the right substrate and knowing they can get the results they desire,” said Don Burns, Kodak’s Business Development Director for Media. “Inkjet printing is growing rapidly, with a very wide variety of applications, which means that substrate options play a critical role. We are working with manufacturers all over the world to expand this program, and Felix Schoeller is an excellent example of how the industry is reaping the benefits.”

Felix Schoeller has more than 115 years of experience in inkjet, silver halide and thermal transfer technology and is now taking its know-how and high-quality standards into the digital future. The company combines the best properties of imaging papers and traditional photo papers to create unique solutions, which are then tailored to the specific technologies and applications of its customers. The company focuses on responding quickly, directly and flexibly, and can give individual advice on how to tackle particular digital printing challenges.