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KODAK NEXPRESS SX3300 Digital Production Color Press Presents Superplan with a Host of New Value-Adding Print Options

French print house creates new revenue opportunities by investing in Kodak’s digital colour production platform – including every KODAK NEXPRESS Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions and Long Sheet option

Superplan can tap into a raft of creative options and offer new products and services after installing the KODAK NEXPRESS SX3300 Digital Production Color Press. The company also opted for every Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions option and the Long Sheet option, giving it access to a raft of lucrative print applications.

Established in 1969, Superplan was initially involved in reprographics and printing drawings and maps. It was acquired in 1998 by Hervé Castellonese, and in 2006 created a digital offset department, when it purchased a KODAK NEXPRESS 2100 Plus Digital Production Color Press. Since 2010, the group has grown following successive acquisitions: ART-Ozaplan in Marseille, Reprographic in Aix-en-Provence, and Superplan 34 in Montpellier.



In 2013, Hervé Castellonese brought the various companies together under the Impremium brand – and in doing so the group became the regional leader in digital printing.

Today, as well as covering the entire graphics supply chain, reprography and printing drawings and maps, Groupe Impremium also handles publishing and signage, and undertakes comprehensive management of commercial, administrative and technical documents.

When Groupe Impremium installed a KODAK NEXPRESS SX3300 Press, including all Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions and the Long Sheet option, it became one of the few printers in France able to offer its customers the full range of KODAK NEXPRESS Press services.

Hervé Castellonese, who heads up Group Impremium, comments: “The KODAK NEXPRESS 2100 Press enabled us to offer our customers offset quality on a wide variety of substrates, delivered to very short ‘just-in-time’ lead times at very competitive rates.



“Even so, before we invested in a new digital system, we did the rounds and asked different suppliers to print the same sample. Once again, Kodak came out on top, thanks to its photographic colour rendering.

“Our new KODAK NEXPRESS SX3300 Press boasts the full complement of Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions. We also went for the Long Sheet option, which at 356 mm x 660mm enables us to meet demand for large-format work. We want our advertising customers’ work to stand out, and the Long Sheet option means they don’t have to rein in their creativity.”

The fully-loaded KODAK NEXPRESS SX3300 Press is enabling Groupe Impremium to capitalize on a wide range of applications: in-line coating for unbeatable effects, light black for stunning photo quality, non-reflective matte finish for better legibility, Spot Color for faithful colour reproduction, Dimensional Printing for attention-grabbing effects, and gloss varnish for durable and brilliant printing.

“Having so many options available to us means we are able to provide additional services to our customers,” continues Bruno Intagliata, the Impremium Group’s Marketing and Development Director. “Our customers – and their customers – appreciate the quality of the printing not only with their eyes, but with their fingers. Digital offset, when it has a strong visual and tactile impact, reinforces the brand message and can multiply response rates by up to 20 times.”

Like all KODAK NEXPRESS Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions, Dimensional Ink enables recyclable printwork to be produced. It does not require a special de-inking process or use any volatile organic compounds.

“Being more environmentally-conscious is very important to us,” concludes Castellonese. “We are committed to sustainable development, as shown by our ISO 14001 accreditation and Imprim’Vert label.”

Claude Desbrugères, Kodak’s Cluster Business Director, France & Benelux, comments: “The Impremium Group is an impressive operation that can meet all requests for digital offset printing, regardless of format. By adopting the KODAK NEXPRESS SX3300 Press, Impremium can take advantage of creative new options, including lucrative personalised printing.”