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Krones’ Labelling Technology unveils a new concept: one platform – many variants


With an entirely new product series, Krones has translated its clients’ heightened expectations for labelling technology into hands-on reality. From now on, all labellers – except the Sleevematic – will be configured from just one modularised system. A single basic standardised machine, available in several sizes, will be combined with labelling stations that are either permanently affixed or can be docked onto the basic machine as needed, using the appropriate units.



Series for well-nigh every variant of labelling technology

The basic machine, with its expandable concept, exhibits an unprecedented degree of versatility: even when it features permanently affixed stations to start with, it can subsequently be modified to create a machine with replaceable stations. The machine’s layout variants, i.e. the way the container infeed and discharge units are arranged, can likewise be retrospectively altered, and label inspectors can be integrated.

Machines working with replaceable stations are offered under the name of Ergomodule. Labellers with permanently affixed stations are available for cold-glue labelling as Ergomatic, for pressure-sensitive labels as Autocol, for hotmelt labelling with precut wrap-around labels as Canmatic and for hotmelt labelling for applying reel-fed wrap-around labels as Contiroll.

Human-engineered versatility

Costs, versatility, quality, human engineering, dependability and eco-compatibility were the major watchwords for this newly developed series. As far as costs are concerned, capital expenditure, maintenance, and expenses incurred for energy and consumables play a paramount role. With the new series of labellers, low TCO is possible, thanks to reduced costs for ingress and transportation, downsized energy consumption, extended maintenance intervals, and doing without lubrication.

The machine’s performative excellence is upgraded by increased efficiency levels, shorter change-over times, higher functional dependability and optimised operator control. Versatility has been improved by flexible layout variants and the option for retrofitting the requisite docking units for replaceable labelling stations.

What’s more, the labeller does not need a tabletop, which means the machine’s carousel is freely accessible from all sides. And the replacement of brush-on elements is likewise substantially simpler because vertical braces between the container table and the machine turret are no longer necessary.

Source: Krones AG