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MAXStick Products Ltd. Announces 55gsm Full Color MAXStick

MAXStick Products Ltd. is pleased to introduce the newest addition to the MAXStick family of products, 55 gram direct thermal full color MAXStick.


Building off the success of the center-striped colors line, MAXStick, the world’s first liner-free repositionable direct thermal adhesive product, will now be available in six different colors in both center and double side-edge adhesive orientation. Crafted in similar fashion to our other MAXStick products,MAXStick Colors™ contains the same silicone-free liner and release coating to ensure there will be no harmful effects to the printer or print head. It also meets several green standards in that it is recyclable, biodegradable and BP-A free.


Maxstick thermal 55


MAXStick Colors™ will be available in Pink, Canary, Green, Blue, and for the first time ever, Orange and Violet! These easy-to-see color labels can be used for practically anything in a variety of industries including food service/hospitality, warehousing, retail, reusable plastic containers and medical diagnostics. Currently, one of the larger consumers of MAXStick Colors™ is the public library system which utilizes the color labels in a daily identification/reservation system. With the availability of seven color labels, including the original 55 gram MAXStick2GO, libraries can easily organize reservation systems by genre or day of the week.


This new product has gone through the same extensive testing as all of our other MAXStick products and the results have been exceptional. MAXStick Colors™ is the premier choice for businesses and organizations seeking new marketing opportunities and practical solutions in a market that is increasingly seeking high quality, low cost environmentally-friendly labels.