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New Cryovac ® LT - 1 Shrink Sleeve Label from Sealed Air

Sealed Air has expanded its presence in the shrink label market with the unveiling of its new Cryovac ® LT - 1 shrink sleeve label, among the first in the industry with a density lower than the 1g/cc standard which guides polyethylene terephthalate (PET) recycling. The labels are composed of a multi - layer polymer-based film to provide 360-degree, form-fitting bottle coverage while enhancing sustainability and performance.

Featurin g a density of 0.95 g/cc, Cryovac® LT –1 shrink sleeve labels easily separate and float from source PET bottles once they reach the recycling process.

This reduces contamination during recycling and enables greater bottle recycling efficiencies.

“Shrink label separation has emerged as one of the greatest challenges for PET recyclers, who battle accumulating waste as a result of high-density labels that sink and ultimately mix with PET bottle flakes,” said Scott Keefauver, marketing manager, Sealed Air Packaging Solutions. “By offering a high-performance, PVC-free label that complies with sorting equipment and grants second life for recycled bottles, Sealed Air reinforces our commitment to our SmartLife sustainability approach, which emphasizes reducing waste while increasing value of recycled material.”

Cryovac ® LT -1 shrink labels additionally deploy low temperature, high shrink (up to 70 percent at 90 degrees Celsius), enabling tight, secure fit to any bottle design. Each label is composed of pliable, high-gloss material that prevents cracking and reduces potential damage from scratching, while maximizing product retail shelf presentation.

In addition, the Cryovac® LT -1 label yields up to a 30 percent source reduction compared to other monolayer shrink sleeve labels

Fully compatible with existing label systems, converters can implement Cryovac®LT-1 labels without additional equipment or hassle . The product’s exterior film layer consists of a print-friendly substrate that is likewise compatible with existing shrink sleeve inks and seaming solvents.“

Cryovac ®LT-1 hrink sleeve labels deliver unparalleled performance and sustainability for converters without requiring additional printing, converting or process expenses,” said Keefauver. “By providing our customers with final products that are both functional and appealing, Sealed Air drives value across multiple sectors, including beverages and health and beauty, among others”

Source: Sealed Air