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RP 30 XTRA adhesive introduces new labelling capabilities for wines, spirits and beverages

UPM Raflatac has launched a new high-performance permanent adhesive for labelling wines, spirits and beverages. RP 30 XTRA introduces new technical capabilities and a fresh set of potentials for branding.

RP 30 XTRA offers more scope for label design, with strong and resilient adhesion on glass enabling smaller label sizes and more complex label shapes. It also offers more flexibility for label placement on bottle shoulders and necks as part of the overall product design.


RP 30 XTRA adhesive for wines, spirits and beverages

As a persistent brand ambassador, RP 30 XTRA has superb resistance to humid conditions and water, and minimizes the potential for label creasing when bottles are subject to cold storage and temperature fluctuations during shipping. RP 30 XTRA also performs well in ice bucket conditions, leaving a lasting impression of a premium-label brand.

“RP 30 XTRA introduces total performance and new branding potential in a full range of cold and wet conditions, with a greater variety of label forms, and in challenging positions on-bottle. It also introduces fresh capabilities for specialist labelling applications,” says Harry Havenga, Business Segment Manager for Beverage, Wine & Spirits at UPM Raflatac.

“Good compatibility with a more extensive selection of WSA paper face stocks further broadens brand owners’ options for design and differentiation. For labelling all wines, spirits and beverages, this adhesive truly pushes the boundaries for product design and creating a lasting bond with consumers.”

Source: UPM Raflatac