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Sun Chemical to Showcase New UV Flexo White Inks at Labelexpo 2013

image Sun Chemical will showcase two new UV flexo white inks at Labelexpo 2013 alongside a host of other new innovative ink solutions.

Sun Chemical has added SolarFlex Neutron White and SolarFlex Sleeve High Opacity White to its global SolarFlex family of narrow web inks.

SolarFlex Neutron White, a high opacity UV flexo first-down white ink has been redeveloped from first principles using state of the art technology and manufacturing processes in order to develop a breakthrough in technical performance. Beta testing has shown the SolarFlex Neutron White outperforms leading competitive products in terms of opacity, printability and gloss.

Printers using the SolarFlex Neutron White can use a finer anilox to achieve the same opacity as with a conventional UV flexo white, requiring less ink to achieve the same hiding power. Finer aniloxes also allow the printer to print sharper text and lines while still retaining maximum contrast over the darkest of labelled goods.

SolarFlex Neutron White first-down white ink is intended for the printing of labels, tags, sleeves, tickets and other narrow web applications where high opacity and whiteness is required. As the ink is able to print pinhole free it also allows printing on aluminium substrates in a single layer. The inks are compatible with SolarFlex Nova SL and other UV and EB inks in the Solaris System of products on a wide range of narrow web and mid-web presses.

The second UV flexo white ink Sun Chemical is showing at Labelexpo 2013 is SolarFlex Sleeve High Opacity White which allows customers to match the opacity of other UV flexo sleeve whites but at a lower filmweight.

SolarFlex Sleeve High Opacity White is a UV flexo last-down ink intended for reverse printing of shrink sleeves and other impervious substrates where high opacity is required. The ink is suitable for a number of applications including, wrap-around labels, clear, paper or board substrates such as tags and tickets and other filmic applications where a high opacity and high slip covering white is required.

With high opacity and good printability for maximum covering power, the SolarFlex Sleeve High Opacity White is fast curing to a resistant and flexible ink film with shrink capability up to 60-70%. The ink also has low viscosity and good flow for optimum press performance. The ink is compatible with SolarFlex Nova SL and other UV and EB inks in the Solaris System of products on a wide range of narrow web and mid-web presses.

Jonathan Sexton, European Sales and Marketing Director for Screen and Narrow Web, Sun Chemical, comments: “We are really excited about the new Solarflex Neutron White which delivers a significant advance in printability and opacity in UV flexo printing. We think is going to be a real winner in high quality label printing. Together with our SolarFlex Sleeve High Opacity White these new innovations at Labelexpo 2013 take our UV flexo product range to the next level.

“Our aim for the show is to present our newest solutions for the packaging and labels market, demonstrating our commitment, as well as our extensive experience and knowledge in this highly creative industry. Packaging addresses different vertical markets with varying needs and we believe that beneath all the variables, the three key areas of focus are consistency, compliance and innovation. At Labelexpo 2013, we will showcase to printers, converters and brands why we are THE destination for ink.”

Sun Chemical will also showcase other new innovations at the show such as a new high intensity black, upgraded UV flexo metallic inks and its ever expanding range of low migration products. A new product offering within PantoneLIVE will also be presented.

Source: Sun Chemical