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Sustainability of the self-adhesive label market finally guaranteed.

image At the occasion of the Labelexpo 2013  tradeshow in Brussels, the Belgium based company RecuLiner has unveiled the launch of a unique recycling system for paper release liners from the self-adhesive label market.

Paper release liners are not recyclable with the conventional equipment and methods used in the industry.  In order to reuse the cellulose fibre material for paper production,  costly installations are required to separate the silicone layer from the base paper layer thereby limiting the use of this process.

The worldwide patented RecuLiner technology is based on a completely different concept and does not see a cradle-to-cradle approach as an end in itself.  Thanks to a completely different approach based on  out-of-the-box thinking, RecuLiner has developed a method to reuse waste paper release liners as raw material for the production of cellulose insulation material.  An impressive life-cycle analysis (LCA) score is thereby obtained outperforming all other existing solutions.

The RecuLiner recycling system is already available in Benelux and will gradually be rolled out geographically.  Based on a licensing platform, the concept can be rolled out and become available on a global basis within a short time frame.

“The combination of this fairly easy recycling method in combination with the relatively low investment needed, but above all the impressive overall environmental score of the entire life-cycle analysis is making our concept so unique” says Eric Van Pottelbergh, General Manager of the RecuLiner company. “While all other existing solutions have severe geographic limitations, the RecuLiner technology will offer the possibility to process the waste paper release liner material locally without the need for excessive transportation prior to processing.  A global ├ánd locally available solution with an unbeatable environmental score : with  RecuLiner, the sustainability of the self-adhesive market is now finally guaranteed.”