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Avery Dennison Adds Food Safety and Promotion Portfolio to Its Select Solutions™ Offering

Avery Dennison has introduced a Select Solutions Food Safety and Promotion portfolio. The portfolio features a collection of fluorescent and dissolvable label materials to help brand owners run promotions, create product awareness throughout the food value chain, and safeguard consumers against illnesses related to material residue.


Select Solutions Food Safety and Promotion Portfolio_ Flourescent Label

“Label materials are important links in the food value chain,” said Yaron Zimmerman, product manager, specialty products, Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials – North America. “From the warehouse to restaurant level, our new food safety and promotion portfolio addresses applications that include on-container retail promotions, in-transit freshness labeling and dissolvable labels for re-usable food service containers.”

The portfolio includes:

Fluorescent Label Material
Used as promotional, inventory or warning labels, fluorescents demand attention. They are commonly used at the store level to promote new products and ingredients as well as sale items. In other areas of the food industry, the versatile, functional labels provide exceptional supply chain visibility and are used to draw attention to important freshness and shipping information.

Dissolvable Label Material
Dissolvable labels both simplify the washing and relabeling process and counter bacterial growth by eliminating residual adhesive and label materials. After providing on-container tracking and identification, these labels dissolve and wash away with tap water and slight agitation. The label simply disintegrates during the washing process, yielding a safe, residue-free container for reuse.

Select Solutions portfolios feature unique, application-specific offerings designed to meet brand owners’ common needs and challenges.  Each portfolio features low minimum order quantities, same-day price quotations and four-day shipping, which allow converters to address specific application label needs.

More information about the portfolios can be found in Avery Dennison’s Select Solutions Center. The center offers a wide breadth of products and services, conveyed in an easy-to-understand manner with expert content and featured product descriptions. Visit the Select Solutions Center at