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Colordyne announces Digital Flexo-bility™ upgrade for existing flexo label presses

Colordyne Technologies’ (CDT) launches a powerful Digital Flexo-bility™ upgrade for existing flexo presses in the form of a digital inkjet retrofit unit featuring Memjet™ technologies.

This digital conversion program allows you to turn your existing press into a state-of-the-art hybrid digital web press. The CDT 1600-PC Retrofit digital label and tag printing platform offers an industry-leading combination of high print quality, fast job production, and low equipment cost.


Colordyne Digital Flexo-bility

“Two of the most discussed issues in the flexo label industry are; which technology offers the best look and feel of flexographic printing and, is there a technology that can be retrofitted onto an existing flexo press,” said CDT President, Sean Marske. “I am pleased to announce that Colordyne has listened to the industry and is proactively offering solutions in the form of our Production Class Digital Flexo-bility™ upgrade.”

Narrow web presses make the best candidates for the Digital Flexo-bility™ upgrade. The most important factor being the press’s ability to maintain web stability for optimum register given that CDT technology prints at an industry-leading 1,600 dpi.

“The interest in this program has been tremendous because of the flexibility this system presents and the value proposition Colordyne is offering,” said Emily Kroll, CDT Senior Global Account Executive. “It’s the best of all worlds; you can run the press in analog flexo mode, all digital, or a combination of flexo and digital.”

Memjet™’s revolutionary print heads and aqueous inks give CDT the highest color gamut of any CMYK digital printing technology. Combine that with the spot color capabilities of a flexo press to increase your color gamut even further. The Digital Flexo-bility™ upgrade solution prints at 1,600 x 1,200 dpi at 160 feet/minute (49 meters/minute).

The Digital Flexo-bility™ upgrade is an ideal print production solution for label converters looking to add full color digital inkjet printing to their existing flexographic press. Avoid set-up expenses by printing small jobs digitally and add full color variable data to traditional analog processes. The superior performance and price proposition, ease of use, self-maintainability, and scalability of the CDT 1600-PC Retrofit platform create a powerful productivity tool suitable for use in a variety of business environments.

Currently, this program is being offered in North America (United States and Canada)

Source: Colordyne