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Marcus Gablowski appointed to oversee development of pressure-sensitive adhesives and silicones @Herma

image HERMA has appointed Marcus Gablowski to oversee the development of pressure-sensitive adhesives and silicones. The 34-year-old, who studied chemical engineering at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, has been working for HERMA since 2004, chiefly in the fields of process engineering and development.

In recent years he has been instrumental in defining the adhesive parameters for, and driving the introduction of, the innovative multi-layer technology HERMAperfect. "Developing new pressure-sensitive adhesives and silicones is a key activity for us," insists HERMA managing director Dr. Thomas Baumgärtner. "Thanks to multi-layer technology, we are already using standard adhesives to cover a broad spectrum of applications that formerly required special materials." Only a tiny portion of the potential harboured by this technology, in which HERMA ranks among the pioneers, has been exploited to date.

"The expertise we have already accumulated in this segment in the last few years is extremely valuable. Marcus Gablowski will now be bringing his skills and commitment into effect, so that we can sustain our innovation campaign."