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Mark Andy Launches Versa Max

mark andy versamax

Mark Andy Inc., has launched a new advanced print platform specifically for film and flexible packaging applications.  Named Versa Max, the new flexo press line is designed to respond to the demands of short run film and flexible packaging work, offering a lower cost per printed unit than any other press in its class.  Key to its success is the flexibility it offers converters, combining high production speeds with top quality printing across a variety of substrates.

Versa Max is the result of merging well-proven film printing expertise of Comco and the innovative engineering designs from Mark Andy, offering converters extra capacity and improved productivity. Claiming to set a new benchmark in registration, image fit and impression control, the Versa Max offers unprecedented levels of continuous tone reproduction and color control. The primary objective of Versa Max is to provide a machine that can impact productivity and quality, and more importantly, generate increased revenue and profits for the consumer. 

The unique design of the Versa Max provides a solid lock-up of the print cylinder stack in which precision-gauged plate mandrel positioning brings new levels of image repeatability and print impression.  Both anilox and doctor blade housings are moveable and fully accessible, and the design allows for the widest number of drying options available to suit individual requirements.  Built around an extremely rugged frame, the Versa Max is both durable and a consistent performer.

In operation, the design allows for fast job changes with quick moving plate sleeves.  Servo motors offer fine tuning of controls with easy-to-use operator interfaces.  This effectively gives the Versa Max a ‘built-in intelligence’ that monitors and manages all print parameters, giving maximum quality at maximum speed, for minimum cost.

In detail, the Versa Max is available with a 560 or 660mm (22 or 26 inch) web width and has a maximum production speed of 366m/min (1200ft/min).  It has a print repeat range of 254-813mm (10-32 inch) and is capable of handling substrates from 12-micron monofilms to multi-layer structures for flexible packaging, with inline lamination.  The web transport system is fully servo driven, with the plate sleeves mounted on an in-station plate mandrel for easy changeover.  For water based or solvent inks and coatings, there is a hot air impingement drying system, with options for UV, UV LED or combination drying and curing.

Source: Mark Andy