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MAXStick Products Introduces New Platen Roller For Linerless Label Printers

maxstick logo MAXStick Products Ltd. is pleased to announce the development of a new compound platen roller that is designed to work with traditional linerless label printers to accommodate hot melt rubber based adhesives. This new compound platen roller is also certified to work with the complete line of MAXStick liner-free label products.
As MAXStick continues to revolutionize the linerless label industry, MAXStick Products Ltd. has continued to work on developing new and improved components that increase the long term durability and life of the printers. Utilizing a formula that took several years of development, the new platen roller contains compound materials that optimize the rollers interaction with the linerless label media. This eliminates the potential of unwanted adhesive buildup and ensures that the label media won’t stick to the roller.
This new platen roller offers clear performance advantages over other platen rollers currently on the market. To see a comparison of the new platen roller against the conventional platen roller, please go to: and click on the “MAXStick Roller Comparison” video  in the bottom right corner of the webpage.