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Ocme for sustainability

ocme logo Today, companies can no longer ignore the important ecological implications of their activity.

Although this is partly an ethical consideration, it also has important commercial and economic implications. Increasingly more consumers are choosing companies that are sensitive to environment and companies today focus on costs reduction that means reduction of space, staff, energy, materials and time. Solutions such as DryBlock® have been designed to meet all these kind of needs.

The DryBlock® system is a new way to build and manage the whole end of line. This combines the entire dry part of a production line into a single, integrated and synchronized Monoblock to ensure: cost reduction, reduction of energy consumption, space reduction, an increase in efficiency and high levels of flexibility.

Reductions in cost and waste lead to the rationalisation of resources through the total synchronization of all elements involved, while maintaining the same features of each single machine involved. DryBlock®, unlike a system made up of individual machines, allows the reduction in number of motors, the reduction in compressed air consumption, and a reduction of electricity consumption by up to 36%. This is because the combined efficiency of a line ofDryBlock® is greater than the sum of efficiency of individual units.

DryBlock® also provides technical solutions which allow the handling of particular products that respond to the needs of the environment. Each part of DryBlock®’s unit is designed to meet energy saving and sustainability needs (this also contributes to significant reductions in the production cost).

Pyxis is the new rotating sorting device provided with grippers which transfers the containers coming out of labeler or filler towards the conveyors. It is ideal for handling particular products, such as low weight PET bottles (No Bottle) that doesn’t require accumulation. Shrink-wrapper and wrap around packers enable the use of fewer raw materials and less power for their operation; the new generation of shrink-wrap packers also allows the handling of even very thin film (starting from 35 microns). Thanks to the Electronic Selection you can now handle every kind of container because the device does not come into contact with the product. Ocme’s low energy shrink wrapping tunnel combines high performances with ecologically sustainable solutions because it works in perfect harmony with the rest of the line. It can monitor the load conditions of the line upstream of the heat shrink wrapper in real time, to modulate the speed of the oven conveyor, the cooling fans and the absorption current of the heating elements in advance.

A further feature of the Ocme's shrink wrapping tunnel is the presence of motorized flaps at oven infeed and outfeed. These motorized flaps close when the heat shrink wrapper is not receiving products from the line. Closing oven infeed and outfeed, along with slowing down the feeding speed of the conveyor and of the cooling fans and reducing the current absorbed by the heating elements, preserve the heat inside the oven, minimizing dispersion and consumption.
Palletisers and manipulators enable you to process lighter containers. The Orion, Perseus and Pegasus’s new palletizing systems and the new generation of manipulators respond to the need to reduce primary and secondary packaging materials. This allows handling products that are increasingly fragile and unstable.

Automated guided vehicles have been designed for the use of special batteries with eco-compatible characteristics. Various aspects of the Auriga environmental respect program take into account the strong implications of environment-friendly work policies. The vehicles are electrically driven and therefore do not release CO2 or other gasses into the atmosphere. Furthermore, the customer can choose between the types of battery mounted in the vehicle, based on the degree of “environmental compatibility” desired. Another feature of the Auriga AGV is that kinetic energy is recovered during braking and also when the forks are lowered.

The rationalization of the product flow together with the synchronized management of DryBlock® results in energy saving and drastic waste reduction through:

Consumption reduction

• Reduction in number of motors

• High efficiency brushless drives

• Reduction in compressed air consumption

• Helical-bevel gear high efficiency

• Reduction of energy consumption by up to 36%

• 30% saving in electricity consumption of the shrink tunnel

More efficiency

• Maintenance cost reduction

• Space reduction

• Rationalisation of the product flow. This reduces the risk of damage to the product, even when running ultralight, fragile, delicate or unstable containers

Noise reduction

• Reduction of the components

• No accumulation

• Variable speed, depends on the actual speed of the line

Reduced maintenance costs:
The reduced use of conveyors, and full integration of all parts, reduce the number of required spare parts. The integrated management system optimizes the product flow and speed of the modules, thus minimizing mechanical effort

Ocme’s DryBlock® is designed to create value.

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