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OMET sells a XFlex X4 press in South Africa

The newborn partnership of OMET with Presstec for the territory of South Africa has already brought a remarkable sale of XFlex X4 press and opened a few interesting opportunities, in fact, OMET informs of the sale of the first XFlex X4 presss for the printing of self-adhesive labels at customer Klint Scales, Durban.

Klint Scales is a manufacturer of scales and label converter established in 1991 and with own graphic design department. Among the labels offered: barcode labels, promotional labels, thermal and filmic labels.



The XFlex X4 designed for this customer is a high level machine and very complete. Plus, it was conceived to be extremely flexible and support the customer in the consolidation of its position in the self-adhesive market and approach new market segments, including unsupported films.

Klint Scales was impressed by XFlex X4 printing quality and by the fact that combination technologies and an inner complexity of configuration in this press comes as a standard. They couldn’t but treasure the great savings of time and wasted material during start-up and job changeovers and their positive effect on the production costs.

So informs Sergio Villa, OMET Sales Manager for the territory of South Africa: “We are very impressed by the work done by Presstec in these few months and look positively at the upcoming future to strengthen our partnership and carry forward some opportunities that have opened up recently.”

Source: OMET Srl