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P.E. USA among the suppliers to Perrig Nutritionals

During the 2013 edition of PACK EXPO in Las Vegas, Perrigo Nutritionals was awarded the PMT - PACKAGING LINE OF THE YEAR 2013 award for the latest technological innovations used in their packaging lines.

P.E. USA is one of 21 companies involved in the project to redesign production lines for the transition from packaging in cylindrical cans to rectangular containers. A project that started three years ago and came to fruition in November 2012. Thanks to the innovations of this line, Perrigo Nutritionals has ranked among the first national manufacturers of baby food.


P.E. USA contributed to their success by providing the fully automatic rotary labeler MASTER 1420, with rotation plates controlled by servomotor with integrated operation, six pressure sensitive stations with a non-stop system, able to apply a body label on three sides of the rectangular container, a back label and a warranty sticker, all minimizing downtime. The machine, which can reach a speed of 200 ppm, is also ready to apply a label on the cap, in a non-stop mode as well.

Source: PE Labellers