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The PandA Cube – the new series of print and apply labelling systems by Etiquette Labels

As the UK’s independent experts in labels and labelling, Etiquette prides itself on providing the reliable and cost-effective solutions that allow our customers to meet the demands of the ever-changing world of packaging. When it comes down to machinery there are three words on most purchasers lips – quality, price and reliability.

In response to both the financial difficulties and the general demands from our customers, Etiquette has introduced PandA series of Print and Apply Labelling Systems, the latest of the series being the PandA Cube.



Historically, customers have needed to invest in a dedicated machine for label application in each position, such as Front of Pack, Top of Pack, Side of Pack etc.  However the new PandA Cube is a fully integrated system and with changing parts (applicator modules), the system can be customised and configured to apply labels in the most conventional, industry-standard positions. This delivers unrivalled adaptability to those companies who require the printing and application of labels to products where label position is subject to change, enabling these companies to future-proof their production lines without large initial setup costs.  The PandA Cube has been designed and constructed to make it suitable to operate in the harshest working conditions where ingress from airbone particulate needs to be minimised in order to protect the electromechanical sub-assemblies and components of the printer applicator, this helps further increase the flexibility of the machine.  For example, the print engine and label roll unwind unit are encased in an environmental enclosure with a polycarbonate door.  Protecting the inner workings of the machine in such a way is of great benefit to the customer as print engine wear and printhead damage are drastically reduced, resulting in minimal applicator downtime and an increase in productivity.

Reliable operation and print accuracy are of paramount importance in today’s packaging applications, this is due to the demands placed on suppliers by major retailers and supermarkets where stringent quality control and precise scanning of barcodes on outer-case labels leaves no margin for error.  In fact, scan errors due to poorly printed or unreadable barcodes often result in a complete rejection of delivery, leaving suppliers with pallet loads of unwanted products and a damaged reputation.  The protective construction of the PandA Cube ensures that this problem is eradicated as the print engine will perform with additional reliability and accuracy than other machines presently available on the market and is engineered to effortlessly integrate into any production environment. Etiquette Sales and Marketing Director Tom Bunce said:

“We have introduced the PandA Cube as the most versatile Industrial Print and Apply labelling solution available, for such a modest capital outlay.  Flexibility in 21st century production environments is paramount to staying ahead in today’s competitive world, but even so, interest in this machine has been beyond our expectations.”

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