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VIDEOJET® Introduces Six New Ink Colours for 2300 Series of High-Resolution Large Character Ink Jet Printers

Videojet Technologies Inc., launches six new inks for its 2300 Series of large character ink jet printers. With the introduction of M515-K Red, M516-K Orange, M517-K Green, M518-K Blue, M519-K Purple and M520-K Yellow colour inks, Videojet is helping customers expand the visual and functional coding capabilities of their high-resolution large character marking (LCM) ink jet printers.

“We’ve further enhanced our ink lineup for our 2300 Series LCM printers offering customers more colour printing capabilities said John Kirschner, Videojet Supplies Business Marketing Director. “These six colour inks are designed to meet a wide range of unique customer applications. Videojet’s complete marking and coding solutions are not only flexible and easy-to-use, but they also deliver code assurance and superb uptime.”
Colour Inks Deliver a Variety of Benefits
Users of Videojet 2300 Series high-resolution LCM printers can take advantage of the six new ink colours to expand their range of printing applications. Other benefits include:
· Enhanced productivity. By using visually distinctive, compatible colour formulations, customers can enhance their 2300 printer function and bring increased brand differentiation and code value to their printing applications.
· Increased code assurance and lasting code durability. The ink colours have pigmented formulations that deliver increased UV light fastness, water resistance and fade-resistance over dye-based formulations.
· Simple usability. Designed for ease-of-use, these new ink colours are chemically compatible with each other, simplifying during ink colour changeover.
Enhanced Colour Applications
Similar to Videojet’s widely used M512-K black ink, the six new ink colours boast strong performance on a range of porous papers and kraft board materials – including those with high recycle content. For example, the inks can provide visually attractive brand information and product identification on paper and pulp-based raw materials such as wood and lumber. Colour inks can also be used to print visual cues to identify particular sub-brands, distinguish between different grades of product like lumber, or to highlight product compliance with specific building codes or regulations.

The inks adhere to plain and coated paper packaging, bundles of pulp-based product and other packaging. Ideal for brand identification on secondary cartons, these inks are also helpful for differentiating outer wrappings of products like paper stock. Spot colors can be used to print in-plant visual management codes and indicators for quality control or inventory management.
About Videojet 2300 series
The Videojet 2300 series printers combine high-resolution printing with a simple user interface. With a print resolution of 180 dpi and a maximum print height of 70 mm, these printers achieve similar quality standards as pre-printed information. Their design and construction ensure that the printers mark alphanumeric codes, bar codes and graphics in real-time, reliably and to a high quality on any type of packaging. The ink system, control unit and printhead form a small, compact unit