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VIDEOJET® Introduces Three New Inks Specifically Designed for Its Newest Line of Ultra High Speed (UHS) Continuous Ink Jet Printers

Videojet Technologies Inc., a world-leading manufacturer of coding, marking, and printing products, today announced three new Ultra High Speed (UHS) inks for its line of UHS continuous ink jet printers. These new inks – V516-D, V517-D and V530-D – join a family of ten other UHS compatible inks that have been extensively tested across a broad range of print speeds and environmental condition extremes. Designed for optimal drop formation, Videojet UHS inks are held to the highest quality control standards, which means customers can experience top print quality at the highest speeds.

“These three new UHS inks had their debut at Pack Expo 2013 where we presented our recently released Videojet 1620 and 1650 UHS continuous ink jet printers. We developed the UHS inks to provide exceptional coding quality that our high speed application customers have come to rely on,” said John Kirschner, Videojet supplies business manager. “Our family of UHS inks continues to grow with the addition of these three new inks – each specially engineered for unique coding applications.”

V516-D Black Retort-Resistance Ink


Designed for better code durability, this black, non-colour changing retortable ink can withstand tough high-temperature steam/water bath processes commonly used in cooking prepared food containers after filling and sealing. Foods such as vegetables, beans and baby foods requiring a retort process are cooked in a variety of containers such as metal cans and foil/plastic pouches. Challenges to ink survivability come from these foods undergoing high-temperature, high-moisture cooking processes, as well as being stacked throughout this process where codes come into contact with other containers. Typically dry in one to two seconds, V516-D ink provides manufacturers and retailers with easy-to-read codes and improved adhesion, particularly on formed aluminum and metal alloy cans.

V517-D MEK-free, Thermochromic Ink


Videojet’s V517-D thermochromic ink changes from black to blue when coding onto heat-processed food containers made of a variety of metal, plastic and glass substrates. This ink provides good durability as well as superior adhesion through the rigorous cooking/retort process. Additionally, V517-D can serve as a general purpose black ink for food and pharmaceutical applications. Low solvent volatility of the ink and its associated make-up fluid means V517-D can offer a low total cost of ownership through lower make-up consumption.

V530-D MEK-free, Fast Dry General Purpose Black Ink


With excellent adhesion on plastics, metals, paper, wood, ceramic and glass, V530-D is a patented high performance ink that comes in an environmentally-friendly MEK-free formula. V530-D is specially designed for printing onto various hard-to-code plastics such as untreated polyethylene and polypropylene substrates typically found in the food packaging industry. Ideal for high speed production lines that require a fast dry time, V530-D can also endure cold temperatures resulting from storage in commercial freezers and refrigerators. It can withstand abrasions caused by product-to-product contact during stacking and production line transport.