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WS Packaging Group Unveils New Product Group Solutions as Part of Branding Initiative

WS Packaging group logo WS Packaging Group, Inc. has realigned its product offerings into four new groups to more effectively communicate its focus on the full range of innovative packaging and branding solutions it offers to the market.

The four product groups are WSPackaging&Label, WSPromotion, WSAutomation, and WSTechnology. The corporate branding umbrella remains WS Packaging Group Inc.

“Our goal for the rebranding was to effectively organize our product offering and brands under appropriate headings so customers can more easily identify the full range of solutions we can bring them to help them achieve their brand growth objectives,” said Mark Moorhead, corporate director, marketing. “These new product group names leverage the strength, equity and investment in the WS Packaging brand at the product group level, and then by extension, specific product and service brands.”

WSPackaging&Label product offerings include labels (pressure sensitive, glue applied, and in-mold), folding cartons, shrink decorations, dome labels, MultiVision® extended text labels, flexible packaging, compliance labels, and printed and specialty tape.

WSPromotion includes games and sweepstakes offerings that encompass both the printed game, as well as supporting systems with verifiable security throughout the production process. Also included in this product group are coupons and folded booklets, large-format graphics and signs, POP/POS materials, brochures, booklets, overwraps, and hang tags.

WSAutomation offers a broad platform of automated label application solutions. As an OEM of label application solutions, the company is a true single-source provider for equipment engineering, manufacturing, installation and support for label applicator solutions.

WSTechnology covers a broad range of new developments that are already commercialized, as well as ongoing research and development efforts focused on bringing new technologies to commercial application. Current advancements offer application solutions to brand owners in the areas of RFID tags and applicators, NFC/Near Field RFID, track and trace, serialization, brand protection, LinerLESS™, LinerLITE™, and more. Most projects with WSTechnology are initiated, developed and maintained working in strict confidentiality with brand owners, as required.

“The new product groupings simplify and clarify our products and services in a way that would make it easier to understand by our customers, employees and the markets we serve,” Moorhead said. “This is a clear and expandable naming and brand architecture that guides policy development. The structure will also save time and costs in naming new or acquired brands and products, all in the context of a coherent brand portfolio.”

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