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Digital Label Leader Expands Team

CS Labels has appointed Andrew Mansfield as a Technical Sales Executive as the company continues to push the boundaries of digital label printing.

Mansfield, who has been consulting for the company for two years, has brought his extensive experience of both flexographic and digital labelling to CS Labels, who now need his resource on a full time basis due to an increased demand for their products.



Along with over 25 years experience in the traditional print industry, Mansfield been an integral force in applying digital printing concepts to more complex labelling areas in industrial environments, where labels need to perform under harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures.

Digital labelling is expanding rapidly as a viable alternative to flexographic, lithographic and gravure methods, CDLP reported a forecasted 18% annual global growth last year. Managing Director Simon Smith said: “We’ve seen an incredible increase in demand from clients in all areas who are switching to digital labelling. I selected Andrew to come on board as a full time member of staff as he has one of the best skill sets in the industry, combined with a client approach that adds value to our company. As most people know my strategy is to recruit creative thinkers who are not necessarily au fait with the traditional print world, however in this case I knew that we needed someone who had specialist label knowledge, as well as an adaptable approach that fitted with our unique company culture. After working with Andrew for over two years I knew he would perfectly fit the bill.  Therefore  I’m delighted to welcome him on board as a permanent member of the team”.

Andrew brings over 25 years experience with him in his new role and will continue to cater for existing clients and help new clients with business process change when it comes to switching to digital. He said “Having worked with CS Labels already, I truly appreciate the benefits of digital print, and we’re continually striving to make the market more aware. This new role will enable me to dedicate even more resource to help our clients to reduce costs  by eliminating the need for idle label stock, and make the switch to digital. It will also continue to fortify customer confidence in our ability to apply digital to many different environments. The next 3-5 years are going to be critical. Already the concepts of inkjet, toner, upfront costs and indeed a lot of the other historical baggage that traditional print methods offer are increasingly being questioned, and we believe this is set to continue.”