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Edale reveal their ‘Flexo Line’ range of machines

As part of Edale’s ongoing aim to simplify their product offering in their ever-expanding printing range, they have taken steps to rename and rebrand the machinery... and so the ‘FL’ range of machines is launched!



The change of name reflects the recent rebranding and makes it easier for people to decipher and differentiate between the different models in the range; and more importantly the levels and abilities of each.

The formerly known Alpha compact press becomes the FL-1 – with typical applications being self adhesive labels and tags (50-250micron), the recently re-launched next generation FL-3 remains the same – with typical applications being labels, tickets and filmic packaging (12-450 micron) and the once known Gamma is currently undergoing various design enhancements and will, dependent on application type, become the FL-5 Carton or the FL-5 Flex Pack.



Louise Bailey, Sales Account Manager, states “We have grouped our range of flexographic printing presses into part of the ‘FL’ range, with the introduction of the FL-1 and FL-5 Carton and FL-5 Flex Pack to sit alongside the current FL-3. We believe this makes it easier for customers to understand the different levels and capabilities of each machine, at a quick glance – it also gives us a clear path to name the next machines as and when they are launched, with the FL-7 being the next machine due to release in 2014”.