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Kodak Addresses Brand Protection Solutions for Pharmaceutical Industry

Brand protection is a major issue for companies around the globe, but in the pharmaceutical realm, the issue takes on increased importance because of the extreme health risks involved. Experts in the field gathered last month in London for the 2nd Annual Pharma Anti-Counterfeiting Congregation 2013 to talk about everything from brand protection technologies and government strategies to international partnerships and best practices. Kodak exhibited its broad range of brand protection solutions and presented in the conference program.


brand protection

Experts estimate that up to 10 percent of all drugs worldwide are counterfeit, meaning that consumers may be taking drugs that have been manufactured incorrectly or with inferior ingredients. The drug industry loses billions of dollars each year to drug counterfeiting, and consumers need to be better protected. Attendees spent two days discussing these issues and the innovative solutions that are available today.

“Advancements in track and trace technology and serialization are helping brand owners and manufacturers better control the supply chain while providing a way for retailers and consumers to verify the authenticity of products,” explained Thaddeus Bowen, Kodak’s Director of Business Development for Brand Protection Solutions. “This problem is massive in scope. We have a very knowledgeable team with backgrounds in imaging, supply chain, law enforcement, and more. The solutions we bring to market are helping customers save money and protect the integrity of their brands.”

During the conference, Bowen presented a session entitled “Detecting Diversion & Counterfeiting: Dual Serialization and Ubiquitous Monitoring.” In it, he explained Kodak’s approach to the problem and shared some examples of successful prevention strategies.

With increasing activity in black market, gray market, product tampering and patent and trademark infringement, brands are in a constant battle. New technologies make it easier for others to replicate products or packaging, or alter serial numbers. Kodak offers solutions that make it easier to tell a genuine product from a counterfeit, or to track products through a distribution system. To learn more about Kodak’s Brand Protection Solutions, visit