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KODAK Technology to Support Market Expansion at Colour Power

– Keeping apace with market demand and creating a flexible print service portfolio were the reasons Colour Power, U.A.E., chose to invest in a KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Production Color Press, newly updated for latest features.

Colour Power was established 15 years ago by Managing Director NC Kumar who also owns Printex Printing Press & Graycells Advertising. The operation, equipped with the latest printing equipment, has steadily established its name in the U.A.E. printing industry. It prides itself on its provision of unquestionable quality service and is committed to addressing niche markets by catering to every corporate and individual print requirement. It is this ethos that was instrumental in its decision to invest in a KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Color Production Press, supplied by Kodak’s UAE partner Gulf Commercial Group.

Comments Mr. Kumar, “With a common goal and mindset reflected by our motto ‘We deliver your needs, as you want it and when you want it’, we expect to do our outmost in meeting any client requirement.”

Developing digital to meet industry needs

He explains that finding ways to effectively address fast-moving market demands is essential, particularly as development in Dubai progresses and work continues towards Expo 2020. He expands, “The Expo is bringing in more investors to establish their businesses here and with them more and more marketing requirements. However with the rise in demand, there is higher interest for more investors like me to consider developing companies that will cater for the printing needs of the market. Thus competition became steeper and cutting-edge technologies essential as results were the only basis on which service was provided. Today, to keep up with these demands, it is important to have better equipment that will aid my professional team to become more productive.”



from left to right: Mr. NC Kumar, Managing Director Colour Power and Mr. Nasser Derwazah, General Manager Gulf Commercial Group

Mr. Kumar was well aware of the print capabilities of Kodak’s systems having invested in the KODAK NEXPRESS M700 Digital Color Press three years ago. “With the M700, we were able to raise our standard and productivity. So by the time the demands for our services had increased dramatically, I had made it a point to consider the latest configured KODAK NEXPRESS Press with the options of the KODAK NEXPRESS Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions like gold and embossing effects as well as a bigger paper size.”

Investing in a value-added edge

Crucial to the buying decision was the KODAK NEXPRESS Press' unmatched digital technology features that offer a competitive value-added edge. “Dimensional ink gives specified text and raised or 3D effect images that can help communications stand out in a crowded marketplace,” he states. “Because it is created inline, it maintains press productivity while creating high-impact results that grab a reader’s attention.”

He continues, “The variety of substrates that can be used, such as matte, glossy, cast coated and textured, make a significant difference as does as the gold ink which is a big attraction for designers. All of which allows our company to have a wider variety of services and outputs for our clients.” Also important was the print quality and it offered a broader colour gamut.

Since installation, Mr. Kumar says the company’s printing service performance rate is ‘off the chart’. He states, “From faster job turnaround to financial savings and accuracy, everything has improved tremendously. We never fail to meet our clients’ demands and it has also helped us take more orders. The improved image quality and consistency in colour has enabled us to achieve new heights.”

The operators are happy with the improved quality too. Ever since they started running the press, they have found it comfortable to operate and loading materials easy. The whole process is much less stressful.

Expanding services portfolio

The operation is in the process of upgrading its website with new services to reflect its expended portfolio capability which is expected to further drive business growth. Customer satisfaction is another way to achieve that and Mr. Kumar is confident this is possible. “We are happy that with the new KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Production Color Press, we meet not only the quality demand our clients are looking for but most importantly we never fail to deliver on time.”

Olivier Claude, General Manager for Print & Vice President Commercial Business EAMER, Kodak adds, “Colour Power is a dynamic operation poised to capture a greater share of the market as exciting business developments in this region continue to be unveiled. This latest investment is a real show of faith in our technology and how it can help them more confidently reach for their ambitious goals.”

Mr. Kumar concludes, “With this press, we are sure we will increase our business tremendously.”