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Lombardi unveils the Invicta flexo press

At Labelexpo Europe 2013 in Brussels Lombardi launched their top model flexo press, called Invicta, the most modern, innovative and charming concept of flexographic printing on the market. It is presented to the world of printers as a “universal machine” practically without any limit of workable substrate (BOPP, PVC, PE, PET, paper, adhesive paper, thermal paper, cardboard, laminated materials) and as “smart”, with the flexibility and dynamic to facilitate the operator and to minimize his efforts.




The Invicta is an “intuitive machine”, linked to the working experience of the printer, faster in response to external incentives, less influenced by mechanical adjustments that stay between the man and the creation of print. Invicta is fully servo and gearless, with three servo motors for each printing unit, sleeve technology with automatic positioning, Hi-Dynamics for pneumatic pressure of the blade on the anilox roll for a perfect distribution of the ink.