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New Anti-Tamper and Anti-Counterfeiting Packaging Solutions at Royston Labels

royston labels logo By capitalising on recent developments in labelling technology, Royston Labels can produce specialised packaging seals which immediately expose tampering. The sealant labels identify tampered products by tearing easily if attempts are made to open them, while remaining otherwise unbroken.
The anti-tamper labels can be supplied in an exceptionally high clarity form, to ensure that important product details remain visible. However, Royston can also produce them in a very opaque version that masks packaging information which is unwanted.
“The labels don’t break when the packaging is handled normally,” explained Stephanie Rogers, Royston Labels Marketing Manager, “because they’re engineered to only tear in one direction, and are applied using a permanent adhesive. They are also flexible enough to provide advanced security functions even on irregular shaped packaging.”
These important label solutions are compliant with the regulations required by pharmaceutical applications, and will resist UV light, moisture, solvents and extreme temperatures.
According to the World Health Organization more than 10% of drugs sold worldwide are counterfeit (WHO FActsheet no 275: Substandard and counterfeit medicines), with rates potentially as high as 25% in developing countries. Anti-tamper labels deliver brands a cost-efficient means of overcoming this significant threat. The other labelling solutions which can help pharmaceutical companies secure their packaging and reduce counterfeiting include:
  • Labels which leave irreversible ‘dry void’ print when peeled off

  • UV luminescence allowing product integrity to be checked under UV light

  • Customisable security messaging

  • Colour-shift inks which are hard to counterfeit and display alternative colour combinations, depending on the angle at which the label is viewed

  • Unique identification codes and encrypted text mechanisms, which enable every product to be tracked and verified

These can be used separately, or in combination with anti-tamper labels to ensure maximum product security.
Source: Royston Labels