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The thousandth Krones Contiroll HS

In  2005  Krones AG unveiled a milestone in terms of wrap-around labelling: it developed the Contiroll HS! With a rating of up to 66,000 containers an hour, what was then the newly developed Contiroll High-Speed labeller eclipsed everything that had gone before. Today, after eight years, Krones has booked an order for the thousandth machine of this series, which means the Contiroll HS has most definitely secured itself a permanent place in the international beverage industry. And, now it’s even better!


Since the Contiroll HS made its debut, interest in wrap-around labelling for beverage containers has steadily risen. The thousandth Contiroll HS will be going into operation very soon.

One of the salient factors of the Contiroll HS is that the labels are cut electronically. Thanks to variable utilisation and fast replacement of the vacuum cylinders, different container diameters and output spectrums can be handled on one and the same machine. This is a particularly attractive option for clients who want to fill and dress filling entire families of containers on a single line line. Shorter label lengths, e.g. for 0.33 or 0.5-litre bottles, are run at maximum speed, while longer lengths entail a concomitantly reduced output. Conventional machines, by contrast, always have to base their rating on the longest label they need to handle. Blade replacement is extremely simple, requires no tools, and takes only a minute. The blade’s guaranteed useful lifetime is 100 million cuts. The vacuum cylinders used to be very heavy, but now, thanks to the new lightweight construction involved, they are considerably easier to handle. What’s more, they are fitted with quick-change suction bars, which feature a non-stick coating for easier cleaning.

Interest in this technology is steadily growing

Thanks to incorporation of the latest servo-technology, film handling meets the market’s need for kit that can handle ever-thinner materials. 20-µm films, for example, have already been tested successfully under realistic conditions. The current standard lies at 35 µm.

Another innovation involves the hotmelt unit, which is now thermally insulated in conformity with the enviro stipulations. Thanks to a compartment scraper system, the glue is conveyed inside the compartment, ensuring a maximally clean mode of operation. Since 2009, the Contiroll HS has also been an integral constituent of ErgoBloc systems, reaching speeds of up to 81,000 containers an hour.

Interest in wrap-around labelling for beverage containers has been steadily growing ever since the Contiroll HS made its debut. Meanwhile, Krones builds more than a third of all its labellers for handling reel-fed labels. The future of wrap-around labelling is now even user-friendlier for the operators: at the drinktec 2013, Krones unveiled the new Contiroll ED station in ergonomic design.