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CHILI Publish releases CHILI Publisher 4.0

Today, CHILI Publish ( announces the release and commercial availability of CHILI Publisher 4.0, its next generation online editing solution. This release brings a ground-breaking new version of online editing technology to the market with new features and functionality that essentially redefine what is possible with an online editor. These new features, combined with the updated framework, make CHILI Publisher 4.0 a milestone release for CHILI Publish, giving partners and customers a fully customizable online editing tool they can use to edit any kind of document today, and in the future.


“The market keeps moving at a fast pace. User’s demands, operating platforms, and the channels in which we communicate are just some of the factors that continue to impact the dynamics of the graphic arts industry. This release of CHILI Publisher not only keeps pace with those changes, it was built to be ready for whatever the future may bring," comments Bram Verniest, CMO of CHILI Publish. “All of us at CHILI Publish, especially our growing team of developers, have worked hard to make this the most compelling product release in our company’s history. We are immensely proud of this release, and we look forward to seeing how it will transform the work of our customers and partners.”

New features establish foundation for the future

The new framework in CHILI Publisher 4.0 means that users are no longer limited by a specific platform. CHILI Publisher now supports all types of work environments, including Flash, HTML 5 and any new platforms that might be developed in the future. Having this powerful editor available on a wide range of platforms means customers can expand into markets they may not have been able to reach before. Most importantly, the platform independence in CHILI Publisher 4.0 gives customers and partners the confidence of knowing it will remain a trusted tool for online editing well into the future.


CHILI Publisher 4.0 also includes added functionality that enables users to extend the value of the online editing experience. One such feature is a 3D Visualization tool that lets users present their personalized documents in 3D environments. For example, a personalized sign can be visualized on a bus stop shelter and that shelter can be placed on a street, with people standing near it. This visualization lets users see a “real-world” view of how their design will appear, and adjust it based on that view.



In addition, CHILI Publisher 4.0 is now integrated with DirectSmile (, giving users more tools for adding personalization to the projects they create with CHILI Publisher. Users can now define connections to a DirectSmile Image Server, personalize images in a CHILI Publisher document, and use data sources to create variable output with DirectSmile images.

Availability and feature details

CHILI Publisher 4.0 is available now. Existing CHILI Publisher users will receive an update upon request as part of their maintenance contracts, benefiting of CHILI Publish's "one license includes everything" policy.


An overview of the new features comprised in CHILI Publisher 4.0 can be found on the company's website at In addition, anyone interesting in online editing and keen to learn more about the opportunities can watch this video with practical examples of the power of CHILI Publisher 4.0:

Continuously extended partner network

Along with their software developments, CHILI Publish continues to form partnerships with industry-leading suppliers. These suppliers use CHILI Publisher’s robust APIs to easily integrate with their solutions, thereby enhancing both their productivity and their value. Most recent is the strategic co-marketing partnership with North Plains Systems, adding online editing capabilities for digital marketing technologies (more information can be found in the news release:

About CHILI Publish '(

CHILI Publish is a software company focused on the development and deployment of CHILI Publisher, a powerful online editing solution. CHILI Publisher can be seamlessly integrated into third-party workflows and production platforms, including Flash and HTML 5 to provide a wide range of customizable, easy-to-use browser-based editing capabilities. The software is sold through direct and value-added partner channels, with an expanding network of international representatives. CHILI Publish was established in 2010 and has its headquarters near Brussels, Belgium.