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Digital Printing - a Cultural Shift

Digital is a culture…not a technology” this is where the future should be positioned. As consumers of the future we will not be looking at “a specific digital technology” but living within a “digital culture” which will provide a myriad of customised 1-2-1 experiences with the consumer and brand making product and brand engagement more personal and meaningful.
Digital will be central to creating this culture.
We are already starting to see the beginnings of what can be achieved. But the next decade will see an explosion of digital solutions.
So why aren’t we able to access this right now?
There are still a number of industry wide technology challenges and changes in mind-set that are required to deliver this future that will be presented at the conference in London.
Packaging and the smartphone will seamlessly interact providing a wealth of product and consumer information of great value to both the customer and the brand to ensure that packaged products of the future will be tailored to suit the needs of the individual rather than the “mass audience.
This post was submitted by Douglas Hutt, Global Packaging Development at SAB Miller and it is a brief summary of its conference titled: “Adopting a global approach and push on digital printing for SABMiller portfolio of brands. Challenges and opportunities” at last Smithers Pira conference.