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Etiq Color move into flexo with the installation of two Edale presses for labels and packaging

Etiq Color is a well established leading label printing company, based in Algeria. The family run business previously operated several letterpress machines before making the move into flexo with the help of two high specification presses from UK based Edale.

“It has been time to move into UV flexo to benefit from the many advantages it can offer, especially increased productivity and profitability – to ensure our business stays competitive” says Mr Arezki, founder and MD of Etiq Color.

The company started their expansion with the purchase of an Edale FL-1 twin stack press for self-adhesive labels and have already seen a huge increase in productivity compared to their previous letterpress machines. Alongside the compact press, Etiq Color also purchased an FL-5 Flex Pack fully servo driven flexopress which is dedicated for packaging applications and long run label jobs ideal for a range of substrates from 12 – 450 micron.


The Edale team alongside agents, GIC, with Etiq Color and their new FL-5 Flex Pack machine.

Together with his three sons, Mr Arezki decided to expand the business into three dedicated label printing divisions to compliment the varying applications in the field. Packaging products were another reason for them to move across into flexo enabling them to print on a wider range of materials, such as unsupported film for wraparound labels, shrink sleeves and other more exotic substrates.

The significant influencers in Etiq Color’s decision to purchase the FL-5 Flex Pack was the versatility, print quality, short set up time and minimum wastage, Mr Arezki states “We performed a lot of tests with a number of different manufacturers and after a lot of thinking, we decided to purchase the FL-5 Flex Pack because the machine matched our requirements in terms of innovative concept, and the fact that additional options are available to be retrofitted should our demands change in the future, meaning to us, the press is not only flexible but futureproof..”

GIC, Edale’s agent for France and North Africa, were instrumental in securing this order; having dedicated personnel located in Alger offering technical support, as well as the Head Office based in Faremoutiers, France. Bruno Vitali, Managing Director of GIC explains “GIC’s presence in North Africa and Algeria has been crucial in ensuring we received the order, but then being able to deal with the aftercare and support that the customer required with his two new presses was invaluable”.

Mr Areski concludes “The FL-5 Flex Pack is now in production in our premises, and we have very rapidly achieved a two shift production schedule because the print quality is allowing us to win new market shares. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the GIC/Edale teams that have accompanied us throughout this move into a new print market”.