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Etiquette goes greener!

Carbon footprint is something Etiquette are constantly conscious about. Anything that can help their surrounding environment is a big thumbs up in their books! That is why there is great expectation awaiting the arrival of the  new UV curing and drying system, the GEW E2C System. Titled ‘The Most Powerful Low Energy UV System for Narrow Web Presses’; this new system ultimately ensures a quicker job turnaround and minimises downtime, together with superior energy efficiency, saving up to 42% in energy use helps us lower that carbon footprint.



Etiquette are currently using a GEW VCP system, an advanced, compact, fully air-cooled UV curing system. The system, which cures the ink between each printing station, also offers ‘Extreme cure’ reflectors, equipping us with the ability to successfully face the most demanding curing applications. With the machines touch-screen control interface, the system is both user-friendly and intuitive ensuring the end product is the perfect output for our valued customers. The GEW E2C System in additional to the current GEW VCP system will inevitably widen the curation boundaries, helping Etiquette to further develop in the coming months.